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SCHEDULES 2021 - 2022

(from September 13, 2021 to June 20, 2022)


We follow the school calendar and holidays of the

Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Classes open and close depending on the enrollment so, if you want to enroll or want more information about the level and the teachers write us right now a


Mail or WhatsApp 680967559


Most classes are for adults of any age and teenagers

The only classes exclusively for children under 15 years of age are those marked as

Horarios nuevo .jpg

Las clases marcadas así empezaran en Octubre 2023

1st Quarter: Pepe Hevia / 2nd Quarter: Nor Baylach / 3rd Quarter: Alejandro Ordóñez

Trim 1: 2 Oct - 15dic
Trim 2:  8ene - 23mar
Trim 3: 2abril- 15jun


If you have doubts, remember that you can contact us and do not forget that you have the possibility of trying individual classes for 15e / class that we will discount if you enroll later :)




CLASSIC II-III and III Adults (morning group)

These classes are aimed at intermediate-advanced and advanced students who want to reinforce their technique at a pre-professional level and keep fit for the professionals. It is an agile class with new combinations each week that increase in speed or difficulty from Monday to Thursday. A complete bar and a center that incorporates tendus, jettés, a great adagio or fondús, small and large twists, small and large jumps. A very dynamic and danced class to enjoy, improve and keep fit.


CLASSIC II-III Adults (noon and afternoon groups)

The objective of this class is to know and work the technique at an intermediate level, putting your physicality and musicality to use. It is a class in which intermediate and advanced knowledge of classical dance is required.

This is a dynamic class, with a well-worked bar, a complete center and ... if you already have intermediate-advanced knowledge of ballet, or you left it, and you want to face new challenges, learn new combinations, improve your technique, enjoy of a good group atmosphere and good music, this is your class.


CLASSIC II Adults (afternoon group)

This class is aimed at those people who already have basic-intermediate knowledge of classical dance and want to strengthen their technique to take it to a full intermediate level. Did you do intermediate ballet a long time ago and quit? Have you taken entry-level adult classes for at least three or four years and need to level up? This hour and a half class includes a full bar and some key core exercises, emphasizing technical and musical issues. Good atmosphere and hard work for fans wanting to level up.


CLÁSCIO I-II Adults (morning and evening groups)

This basic ballet class for adults is the fundamental basis for getting closer to the world of dance. In this class you will know the basic coordinates of placement, elementary exercises, coordination, memory, musicality and basic vocabulary of ballet. A class with a bar, a center and series of exercises that you will have to repeat and improve day by day. A constant group of adults eager to learn, work and enjoy!

This is your class:

-If perhaps you have danced other disciplines and you think that the classical technique is going to give you a necessary structure.

-If you know the basics of ballet but you want to get started and start making your exercises more complex;

-If you have never done ballet but you feel like new challenges and you are persistent to achieve what you propose or

-If you want to simply clean or solve pending doubts at this level ...


CLASSIC 0-I Adults (afternoon group)

If you have never done ballet, but would like to start and learn the basic principles of classical, little by little and with your little challenges, this class is perfect for you.



A great class for boys and girls of approximately 4 to 6 years old to enter the world of classical dance, as the basis of many other dances, as a physical, artistic and personal discipline.

In this class they will work on musical ear, coordination, lyrical movements, body posture, elasticity, movements, jumps ... and they will have their first contact with the ballet bar and the routine of a normal class.



In general, this class is aimed at boys and girls who already know the most basic principles of ballet and are beginning to grow in body knowledge, technique and expressiveness.

It is a class where it is important to have a good time but above all the perseverance to improve technique and expressiveness every day. The power to enjoy what we have achieved with our effort, the pleasure of discipline and the sensitivity of dance as a way to artistic and above all personal growth.

A fairly complete bar for children, elasticity exercises, a center with adagio, tendus, port de bras, preparations for turns, small and large jumps.

At these levels, some students are prepared for the entrance exams to the official conservatories.



This reinforcement class is aimed at supporting, repeating and cleaning the exercises of the students of classic children III and adults I or 0. It is perfect to polish and solve doubts, as well as strengthen your other basic classes.



This reinforcement class is aimed at supporting, repeating and cleaning the exercises of the students of classic adults II and II-III. It is perfect for polishing and answering questions, as well as strengthening your other intermediate and advanced intermediate level classes.



In this short 35min class, introductory pointe work exercises are performed. Simple exercises in the bar and the center. To join this class you must have good midpoint technique and you must consult the management.


In this class, intermediate-level toe exercises are performed. Exercises in the bar and the center, as well as basic-intermediate repertoire work. To join this class you must have good midpoint technique and you must consult the management.







CONTEMPORARY III (morning group) Visiting professor

This class is reserved for visiting professors who generally change each trimester. It is a kind of intermediate-advanced niver of contemporary. Check the schedule to see which teacher teaches it this term.




This is a complete intermediate contemporary class. The material worked is of mixed technique (release, lemon, graham, improvisation ...) with warm-up exercises, floor phrases and medium-high level. Content of small, medium jumps and choreographed phrases.


CONTEMPORARY II-III (group nights) Ariadna Estivill

This intermediate level class will help you if you want a very danced class with technical details that will help you improve your control of the counterweight, contact with the ground, continuity of movement as well as the simple pleasure of dancing.


CONTEMPORARY II (morning group) Marc Lapuerta

This intermediate level class is a class that combines mixed technique with the pleasure of dancing and playing with the different qualities and dynamics that the body can offer us. A great class to take the next step in your learning process. enjoy improving your technique and skills.


CONTEMPORARY II (groups nights) Encarni Sánchez

In these intermediate contemporary dance sessions, the teacher will guide you with energy and a point of madness to the place where you will work the technique, ground-medium and high level connections, speed, reflexes, expressiveness ... a very complete class that you cannot to lose.


CONTEMPORARY I-II (afternoon group) Marta Gálvez

If you want to start or reinforce your basic level of contemporary dance, this is your class. A group with a good atmosphere and excellent teachers who will guide you in the beginnings of this discipline.



This group workshop space is an ideal class to discover how your body and mind can open new paths and move with much more freedom. A series of exercises guided by Olga Álvarez will make you travel physically and mentally, you will begin to move like you did not before, try it.




JAZZ II Mónica Hernández

A class in which you will enjoy dancing the most expressive and technical Broadway jazz combinations. A class will definitely make you sweat and enjoy the music. Try it!


ACROBACY AND PARTNERING Jesús Navarro and guests

Introductory class to acrobatics for dance students. During the second and third trimesters, work elements will be introduced in pairs, or partnering. If you are interested in this class, check with the management first.


STRECHING Jessica Llano

This class is the best way to start the day. A stretching class guided by a dance teacher, which can be adapted to all levels. This class will help you improve your positioning, elasticity, breathing, and awareness of your body.



This is a class in which a repertoire of consecrated contemporary dance choreographers is worked and in turn guided improvisation with guidelines is worked on. It is a class to also develop the critical spirit in dance and awaken interest in the history of contemporary choreography. In general, this class is reserved for students who have a high rate of technical classes. If you want to take it, you must first check with the management


HIP HOP CHILDREN I and II Ana Llorente

These are classes that the little ones will undoubtedly enjoy. They will learn the principles of hip hop technique and connect it with the use of music, space and group.


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