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What is SA NAU?

SA NAU, dansa i altres arts * is a space for meeting and disseminating dance in Barcelona.

We believe that dance is a very powerful tool capable of reordering ourselves as people and as a society, we believe that dance is art, effort, discipline and at the same time freedom, imagination, disconnection and connection with ourselves or others-

Despite this, dance is one of the most economically unprotected arts.


SA NAU was born with the desire to act as a support, a dissemination node and a nursery for dance creation.

Captained by the architect and dancer Eugenia Morales, SA NAU tries to act as a guide, patron and an exit platform for people who want to meet and get to know each other through the world of dance.


What objectives do we pursue?

Transmit through dance values ​​such as self-esteem, self-improvement, teamwork, love for art in general, music in particular, performance and healthy physical exercise.

Do you like dance and do you want to support our project?

If you make even a small contribution, you will be the best godmother or godfather this ship could ever need. You will make it possible for this living project to continue walking, in constant evolution that is born from a transparent love for dance, creativity, teamwork, and education for all.

Any small contribution is a lot for us!


You will be able to see the projects, pieces, courses, rehearsal activities, classes and samples that will have been possible thanks to your contribution here and on our social networks.

And you will always have the doors open to visit us live, if you want!

If you believe like us that big changes start in small gestures

join this ship and make a contribution!

You can donate safely with Paypal or credit card:


Or make your income, no matter how small,

indicating in the concept your name, surname and APOYO SA NAU

Sa Nau's account:

Eugenia Morales Barquiel (BanCaixa)

Num: 2100 0806 29 0110975794

IBAN: ES08 2100 0806 2901 10975794



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You want to know more?


What do we do?

- We offer classical, contemporary dance classes and regular creative workshops at an affordable price for children and adults.

- We fully or partially grant scholarships to underage students whose economic or social situation is precarious, collaborating with municipal social services.

- We organize free performances in the neighborhood to bring dance closer to the general public.

- Our doors are always open so that a ballet class or a rehearsal can become a natural part of the neighborhood routine. Diffusion and culture.

- We schedule quarterly choreographic shows at a very low cost in our room, open to all audiences.

- We offer artistic residencies to selected dancers and choreographers to develop their creative works.

- We rent at a very low cost the space for rehearsals of active dance companies.

- We organize with great effort a biannual dance show. A great event in a theater that involves all the students, residents and dancers of the room in a dance montage of everyone and for everyone. A common staging, with a common plot, lighting, scenery and complete costumes that brings the global stage experience closer to all audiences and awakens curiosity and love for dance.

In what spirit do we do it?

For all that we have explained to you, Sa Nau acts as a DIFFUSION NODE of dance for everyone and as a NURSERY OF CREATION for artists with good ideas but insufficient financial resources.

But not only that… SA NAU has always had the vocation of being AN ETHICS MANAGED SPACE, a place where the economy is a means but not an end in itself.

For this reason, all the money raised in the classes and workshops is reinvested in a thousand ways:

  • Maintenance of the premises, rental expenses and supplies.

  • Investment in didactic material (audiovisual, bibliographic, clothing ...)

  • Equipment for the staging of pieces created in space. (Stage lighting equipment, portable sound equipment, dance floors, mobile bars ...)

  • A few minimal contributions for collaborators.

Sa Nau is a SUPPORT AND REFUGE FOR ART in these times, especially for dance. We believe and defend dance every day as a resource for personal growth, a weapon of social cohesion and as a profession in itself.


Some of SA NAU's mecesnas are:


Laura Massana / Avatâra Ayuso / Laura Busquets / Carlos Waffelaert / Encarni Sánchez / Anna Arboix / Olga Aguado / Iñaqui Colina / Siscu Bei / Nuria Boquet / Helena Rodríguez / Marta Rey / Olga Neira / Raqule Klein / Nadia Zamboni / Julián Rico / Olga Neira / Rosana Barra / Natalia Castaneira / Eulalia Sau / Teia Moner / Miquel Espinosa / Alba Varenna / Celeste Ayús / Georgina Avilés / Carolina Quirós / Déborah Herrezuelo / Débora Moráis / Eugenia Barquiel / Jose Morales / Silke Abendshein / Isabella Appiah / Marc Lapuerta / Vassil Lambrinov / Gerald Sommier / David Paou / Anarosa Ramos / JuanCarlo Castillo / Pilar Ruiz / Ámbar Gavilano ... and many more


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