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At SA NAU we also support the creation

Since its opening, SA NAU has developed this vocation of supporting dance as a space for rehearsal and creation.

Sa Nau supports artists in the creation and rehearsal of their works. For this we rent the room at very reduced prices by the hour or by temporary blocks for projects. This mechanism allows the INVADERS of Sa Nau to generate and roll their pieces for future performances.

INVADERS have the space during the hours agreed upon in exchange in addition to an artistic consideration or collaboration with the room. Showing the result of the works completed or in progress during the Nit Satèl·lits, nights of shows to the public that are held quarterly is one of the usual compensation mechanisms.

Among others they have been or are INVASORES DE SA NAU and have participated in our NITS SATÈL.LITS:

Fadeout Company

Juan Carlos Castillo placeholder image

Artur Villalba and Sandra Ballbé

Victor Fernandez

Gata Sorda Collective

LEMA Collective

Marc Lapuerta

Reinaldo Ribeiro

Yadira Rodriguez

Aran casadevall

Elena Lalucat

Cia Manos




Rosana Barra

Xoxe Maria Jose Conde
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