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Sol Vazquez

Dancer and teacher of contemporary dance, (Argentina-1981)

Formed in Classical and Contemporary Dance Teaching. and with internationally recognized dancers such as Maria Rovira, Gustavo Lesgard, Peter Jasko, Maurice Fraga, Cecilia Colacrai, David Zambrano, Tono Lachky, Eulàlia Ayguadé, Roberto Oliván, Laura Arís, Martin Kilvady, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, among others

Resident in Barcelona since 2002.

He works at the company ENCLAVE ARTS DEL MOVIMENT, Roberto Oliván. and TRANSIT DANSA, Maria Rovira with whom he has participated in the shows "El jump de Nijinsky", "Desir", "Somorrostro", "Evangelium" and "De Carmen" as the most significant.

She is also a contemporary dance teacher at the Aula de Teatro de Matarò 2006/2012

He is currently working on several projects with different

choreographers, including Roberto Oliván.

The classes

Contemporary II-III

Starting from a basic warm-up training in the use of power lines, positioning, precision and strength, the proposal of this workshop is based on getting control of our body and generating flexible and active thinking.

We will have four basic objectives: the relationship with the earth and space, the integration of all parts of the body, fluidity in action, and the perception of the body in space. Once this mix of concepts is acquired, we are ready to launch it into freedom of movement. Among other things we will link weight, rhythm, momentum, balance, descents, falls, jumps and turns through various combinations and the exploration of a shared space, in all planes, both on the ground and above. We will seek to find the confidence and awakening of our imaginary.

We will use tools of release, flying low, cunningham, contact and improvisation, and we will mold the non-empty space.
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