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They invade, visit and move SA NAU:

She has a degree in Classical Dance from the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance of the Balearic Islands and from the CSD Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. He completed his training in London with John Prinz (American Ballet Theater).

He teaches classes to groups of classical and contemporary training, preparing advanced students for competitions and auditions and introducing others to classical technique.

She has been a dancer with the Balearic Islands Chamber Ballet, Ballet Jove Mallorca, Addaura Dansa and has danced in newly created pieces such as "Performance on the body in the ... see more

Glaub da silva

He was born in Rio de Janeiro. He studied at the Maria Olenewa State School of Dance, the Municipal School of Art and Design of Barcelona and at the University of Fine Ates HBK-Saar- Germany. Also, Diploma in Fine Arts-Mixed Media / New Communication from the “Hochschule Bindenden Kunst Saar University” in Germany.

For 23 years he has worked professionally as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and visual artist in different companies and projects, among the most prominent are:
Cia. Contemporánea Mr. Manzú-Japan, Cia. Aluísio Flores-Brasil, Stadtteather Saarbrucken-Germany, Cia. Lanonima Imperial-Barcelona, Cia. Kobosmika-Bcn, Cirque du soleil, Sirius Dance

Anarosa Ramos

She completed her studies of Classical Dance Vaganova Method at the “Nina Nikanórova” Ballet School in Valencia / Venezuela.

She is part of various dance companies among which are Ballet Nina Nikanórova (Valencia / Venezuela), Ballet Coreog.Lic. Aida Sánchez de Mora (Venezuela), Contemporary Ballet and Ballet
National Teresa Carreño (Caracas / Venezuela), Classical-Contemporary Ballet (Madrid), Carpe Diem Ballet (Rome / Italy), Compagnie di danse Claudio Magagnini (Rome / Italy), Russian Ballet of Perm (Tarragona), Viviana Sánchez Dance Company (France), Body Balance Acrobatic Duo (Tarragona), Company of
Dance Pasodos (Palma de Mallorca).

She is the winner of a second and a third prize in Classical at the Competitions International Dance Hellas Greece 2011 (Athens / Greece) and in 2009 second Prize in Neoclassical. In 2007 first three
prizes congratulated by the jury at the 2007 Anaprode National Dance Contest (Tarragona / Spain) and in 2006 a Second Prize in Classical and Repertoire.

He works as a teacher in various schools, among which are: Artemis Dansa (Tarragona), Academia López Infante (Logroño), Rosita Mauri (Barcelona), Escuela Herminia Espejo
(Barcelona), Russian Ballet Barcelona (Bcn) and Sa Nau Dansa (Barcelona).

Currently she continues as an active dancer, in addition to designing and making dance clothes.

Olga Alvarez

Director of the Lataimada Company is professional ballarina since 2002

amb les Cias. Búbulus, Artur Villalba, Las Malqueridas, Didi Dorvillier, Babilònia and Magda Polo ... Began to study dansa Area with Anne Morin, Carol Dilley and Carles Salas, and is perfected with Andrew Harwood, Benoît Lachambre, Benno Voorham, Joe Alegado, Julyen Hamilton, Maria Muñoz, Àngels Margarit, Jordi Cortés, Mónica Valenciano, Mònica Extremiana, Carmelo Salazar, Lipi Hernàndez, Alexis Eupierre ...

Since 2004, he created together the Video creator Leyre Llano the Lataimada Company to perform festivals such as Corpi Urbani de Génova, l'Àrtic, Per Amor a l'Hart, Festival d'idees de l'Escocesa, Dansa També, and en teatres i alternative sales such as the Teatre de Ponent, the Tantarantana, Cal Bolet, l'Estruch ...

Jessica Llano

She is trained as a dancer at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) of the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires, Dance Workshop of the San Martín Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the National School of Art in Havana (ENA) as a scholarship recipient in Cuba.
She studies ballet, contemporary dance, music, the Lecocq Method and choreographic composition.
His training includes the Alfredo Gurquel Method of elongation based on biomechanics, yoga, Feldenkrais Method, tai chi, chi kung, Perkimba training (dance-percussion).

He has carried out his pedagogical work in Barcelona since 1992, giving regular classes in different studios in Barcelona such as:

Tempo Dance School, Caentro Maxime D'Harroche, Sylvia Ballet School, Jazz113 School, IPSI Institut Pedagògic Sant Isidor.

He has taught the 2017-2018 classics course and workshops at See's de la Cia Cobosmika.

Currently Area, Espai de dansa i creació, Sa Nau, dansa i altres arts and Espai Kairós.

He has also taught in some companies of which he has been a part.

She has worked as a choreographer and dancer in the following companies:

- "Ecos" (by Valeria Ardito y Cía., Barcelona)

- "Open Dance" (by Marianela Boán, Havana)
He has worked on a joint creation:
- at Cia. Psicoproject en Moviment (by Jordi Sole)
"Final of Trajecte"

He has also danced with the companies:

- "Atalanta Fugiens" (by Mariana Giustina, Barcelona)

- "Kenmerk" (by Iwán Boermeester, Barcelona)

- "A poc a poc" (by Jaime Camarena, Barcelona)

- "Cia. Roberto G. Alonso" (from Roberto G. Alonso, Barcelona)

- "Nafsika Dance Theater" (Aegean Festival, Athens),
- "Cía. Silvia Cuesta" (from Silvia Cuesta, Sitges),
among other.

He presents his own choreographies in Havana, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.
She has also been a member of the collective "m (A) s UNO", being in turn co-founder together with Raquel Anguita (Barcelona)

Laia Santanach.jpg
Laia Santanach
Ambar Gavilano

-Higher degree by ACADE in Classical Ballet, Madrid 2014
-Take master classes in dance and choreography with: Kirill Radev, Ángel Corella, and the Moscow Ballet Dance Company among others.
-He finished his dance training in Barcelona at Corella Dance Academy, Escola de Dansa Laura Mas, Isa Moren, Center de Dansa de Catalunya and David Campos.
-Study piano, music theory and rhythm at the Conservatory of the National School of Arts of Cuba and Musart 2002-2005
-Dramatic Art Studios: Eduardo Laredo Institute of Performing Arts 2004-2005

He has danced in various artistic projects and with dance companies in Catalonia and Bolivia. She has worked as a classical ballet teacher from 2011 to the present in various dance centers in Catalonia as well as a guest teacher for Master Classes in the cities of La Paz and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

She is currently working on a personal dance project.

She is co-creator and General Director of Ballet Papier, a brand of dance clothing and gifts created in conjunction with the artist Berenice La Placa.

Encarni Sánchez
Encarni Sánchez

Graduated in contemporary dance from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, she has also taken several courses that relate dance with psychomotor skills, postural correction, corporal and plastic expression.

He complements his training with contemporary dance workshops with Dolors Gardeñas, Anna Sánchez, Ramon Oller, Corine Dancell in Paris, Jennifer Muller, James PIerce, Roberto Oliván, Lali Aiguadé, Núria Muñoz, Pepe Hevia, David Zambrano, Jordi Cortés, Damián Muñoz and Les Slovaks.

He has received classical classes from Eulàlia Blasi, Melo, Mathilde Van de Meerendonk, Bárbara Kasprowicz, and contemporary with Manel Rodríguez and Moreno Bernardi as well as Acrobatics with Glòria López

He has danced with the company Onze amb Cinc (11.5º), Dolors Gardeñas CIA, Líquid Dansa, Cia Endansa and in his own projects with the Cia de dansa Encarni Sánchez.

He has taught at various schools, such as Color Dansa (Sabadell), Liquid Dansa (Andorra), Escuela Municipal de la Seu d'Urgell, Center de Dansa Body Art (Sabadell and Barcelona) and NunArt Guinardó

Helena Rodriguez
Raquel klein

She begins her training as a dancer in classical dance and complements this training with modern jazz, contemporary dance, neoclassical, dance-theater, hip hop and lindy hop.
He has danced in "Conference with Guinda" by Carme Martí, the video dance short "Sueños" by János Loránd, "Largo al Factotum" by "Els Amics de les Arts" for "Opera en Texans" and in "Noicalupinam" by the company contemporary dance Instint Inc. directed by Pilar Dukes and Jack Bernal. He is currently a member of the children's dance company Addaura Dansa.

Raquel Klein, graduated in Classical dance from the Professional Conservatory of the Balearic Islands and in Higher Studies in Choreography and Interpretation from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

As an interpreter, he has recently worked with Eulàlia Berguedà with Gold Dust Rush at the 2016 Grec Festival in Barcelona, Paloma Muñoz with La Piel Vacía, Lipi hernández with El Canto de los Caballos at the SÄLMON-Mercat de les Flors Festival, among other collaborations.

Francesca Ghiretti
Alejandro Ordoñez

Dancer, creator and teacher of contemporary dance. It was formed in Lima, Barcelona and Catania. She was a gymnast and athlete during her childhood and adolescence. I start dancing at an early age. She began her training in contemporary dance and classical dance at the “Danza Viva” school in 2008. She traveled to Barcelona to continue her studies in dance in 2009 where she lived for 4 years and then moved to Catania where she was accepted for the dance program. improvement in contemporary dance Modem of the ”Compagnia Zappala Danza.” He returned to Lima in 2013, where he continued his training, worked as a teacher and performer for 5 years, making various productions and collaborations with professionals in the performing arts of the medium. contemporary circus in 2016 and founded the circus and dance company "SinTiempo." His productions "Volatile" and "To meet" were well received by the public. He has under his direction 2 solos and 2 short pieces presented at renowned festivals in the city de Lima. She was director of the young cast of contemporary dance at the Universidad Pacífico (2017-2018) and a teacher and part of the dance cast of the San Marc Ballet company os (2015-2016).

She currently resides in Barcelona and works as a dance teacher for the SaNauDanza school and Escola Rogers.

They invade us and are part of Sa Nau's journey too:

Dancer and teacher of contemporary dance, (Argentina-1981)

Formed in Classical and Contemporary Dance Teaching.

Resident in Barcelona since 2002.

He works at the company ENCLAVE ARTS DEL MOVIMENT, Roberto Oliván. and TRANSIT DANSA, Maria Rovira.

Dancer of the Cía. Art Trànsit Dansa (María Rovira) has participated in the shows "The jump of Nijinsky", "Desir", "Somorrostro", "Evangelium" and "De Carmen" as the most significant. ... see more

Bebeto Cidra began in dance in various professional companies in Brazil. There he founded the Bebeto Cidra Cía. Of dance.

In 1990 he arrived in Barcelona where he became part of the Barcelona Contemporary Ballet and a year later he joined Lanònima Imperial as a dancer, teacher and assistant director and choreographer. At the same time, he is part of the Els Joglars company, giving physical preparation classes to the actors and creating choreographies for their shows.

In 2005 he founded the Bebeto Cidra Cía again in Barcelona, and since then it has been part of the Creator's Residence Plan ... see more

Jordi Ros

Trained in Contemporary Dance at the Barcelona Theater Institute and the CNDC (National Center for Contemporary Dance) in Angers (France). He has practiced professionally from 1994 to the present day as a dancer and teacher in multiple centers.

He has worked in the companies:

-CCNT (National Choreographic Center of Tours) by Daniel Larrieu. France
-Metros de Ramón Oller. Barcelona

-The Bridge of Marie France Delieuvin & Alvaro Restrepo. Colombia
-Provisional Dance by Carmen Werner

-Cie Busonnière by Cisco Aznar. Lausanne.

-Thomas Noone from Thomas Shiva Noone. Barcelona
-Toujours après Minuit by Roser Montlló & Brigitte Seth. Paris.
He has also been a dancer in Operas, such as Aida, Il Mondo de la Luna, The Fairy Queen, Kröl Roger
And he has been a solo dancer in:
- IV Benicassin Dance Festival. Valencia
- XV Gala International Dance Day. Saint Sebastian

He currently works in the companies Camara Lúcida, Umma Umma Dance, La Veronal / Marcos Morau, and Cobosmika based in Barcelona.

He has been a member of IT Dansa companyia de dansa (Barcelona) under the artistic direction of Catherine Allard. Dancing pieces by Jiry Kylian, Ohad Naharin, Nacho Duato, working with Stijn Celis, Rafael Bonachela, Gustavo Ramirez, Alexander Ekman, Hillel Kogan among others. ...see more

Celeste Ramos

Graduated in choreography from the Higher Conservatory of Dance at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, complementing his training at the Statens SceneKunst Skole in Copenhagen.
He has worked as a dancer in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Germany, China, ... belonging mainly to dance companies from Spain and France.
He carries out projects with Latin America under the name of La3catorce Dance Company.

Reinaldo Ribeiro
Diego Leiva
Olga Ausejo

She has been trained at the Reina Sofía National Dance Conservatory in Granada.

University Degree in CC. On Physical Activity and sport, University of Barcelona in 2013.

He has worked in France with the company Taille Unique, season 2006-2007, participating in projects with choreographers such as C. Brumachon, JC Gallotta and B. Montet, among others. He has been a member of the Art Transit Dansa company during the period . ..see more

Formed by ANEF in pilates-mat, she has created a combined Pilates and ballet class where to tone the muscles of the whole body, coordination, body musicality, flexibility, etc ... but above all to gain knowledge of our body and postural correction.

She began her classical ballet studies at the hands of Almudena Lobón, who lived in Pamplona. He continues his studies at the Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver (Canada) in Carmen Roche, Madrid and at the Teatro alla Scala di Milano. . ..see more

Carmen Piqueras
Olga Lledo
Joel colmenero
Laura Vilar
Yadira Rodriguez
Guido Sarli
Spela Vodeb
Lautaro Reyes
Laia Santanach
Claudio Cangialosi
Laura Busquets
Pepe Hevia
Laurent Guilbaud
Marta Galvez
Rachel Martinez
Dominik Strobl
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